Friday, May 26, 2006


Ok. Presentation is over. It went ok, after the nervewracking technical difficulties were taken care of. Apparently, the shiny, large box of multimedia functionalities that we were allowed to use DOESN'T HAVE A FREAKIN CD DRIVE! What the crap? It had an actual dvd player, vcr, color overhead (minus the transparency bit) thing called an "elmo" and several other shiny buttons... but the laptop plug in wasn't working, nor was there an accessible cd drive to put our burned powerpoint thing into.


But, we were saved in the end by another student. The class liked the cookies, and several of them tried on the masks. They all appreciated the Ginsu knives bit and the business cards we handed out. Overall, I think we did ok. I was a little nervous sounding at first, because the tech issues had shaken me a bit. I got over it though.

now for a weekend and a birthday party.


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