Thursday, May 25, 2006

warmongers and Italian cookies

Sweet boneless christ! I am one tired pup. I've been staying up, continuing my battle with the homework project that never gets done... as well as getting up early 'cause we have gym duties this week in the AM at school. Gotta watch the lil' monsters wreak havoc and cry war upon each other from the time the busses drop them off to the time the 5 min bell rings. One kid was wearing 10 lb weights on each ankle while shooting hoops. Tell me, what kinda 8th grader wears 10 lb weights around all day? He was pretty built for an 8th grader, and I was wondering if the Seahawks would be coming around scouting for him soon. Weird.

I have a group presentation tomorrow. We are putting it in the form of the wholesome, and best loved, "infomercial sales pitch." Should be rad. I ended our powerpoint (created with NeoOffice, and free of pesky purchase prices) with a sweet picture of Ginsu knives and and offer of a free set to the first 5 buyers... "to call in now!" he, he. Also, I got to make a mask out of plaster cloth. pretty cool. I'm gonna try to paint it tonight, and hope it dries by morning. (eep!) Also, I need to go buy Italian cookies to go along with my Venetian Carnevale mask. You know the golden rule. Those who bring food, win the presentation prize. No, it's not cheating, and yes... I will go that far.

I'm not competitive. I swear.

PS. I'm having a bday party/bbq/potluck/giant projector-ed video game thing on Sat. 6:30pm my house. Call if you need more info.


Kungfukitten said...

I avehay icrosoftmay officay. *wink wink* And tell me more about this birthday party.

K Schimmy said...

Try serving Amish Friendship Bread. It's free of prideful zippers and buttons.

I'm SOOOOO sorry that I can't attend the soiree tomorrow night... we're having an open house tomorrow so we're getting out of town. But consider this my birthday props, sista.