Sunday, May 21, 2006

I am the envy of you all

The staying away from friends this weekend (and completely bailing on nerdygirl in her sister's hour of need) totally paid off. My homework is nearly complete. I have maybe another 2 nights left, which isn't bad. AND our living room is spotless, kinda. I mean really, compared to it's usual state, it's as lovely as a summer breeze. Also, I can now see the tops of all our tables. It's really just amazing. There's food in the house, as well as some more clean laundry and clean dishes and the bottom of the sink we can see. Stuff was also recycled. We really rocked it.

AND! AND! There was amazing, cool lightning and thunder tonight. mrpants and I went out and watched the giant rain drops accost bicyclists and flashes and booms. We also watched as our clogged gutters spilled rainwater into our bushes, and probably straight into the basement of doom. I'm not thinking about it.

So, I still love you all... but, our house is clean and my homework is closer to being finished. It was worth it.

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K Schimmy said...

That storm was AWESOME! I just got done writing about it on my blog, too... what a way to end a weekend. And good for you for working on homework! Let me know if you want to "borrow" any of my papers from my program (wink wink, nudge nudge).