Saturday, May 20, 2006

weekly tally

Things that happened this week:

6th Grade
They make me insane. One boy refuses to talk to me without using a baby voice and baby words. I really don't know why. They working on their clay slab boxes. Should be cute. We have a cat, a frog, a guitar, a llama, a music note, a person, and a bunch more that I've forgotten already.

7th Grade
We started an architechture project with the 7th graders. They looked at pictures of crazy and famouse buildings and talked about form, repetition, water features, etc. They're drawing a front side sketch and a top down sketch of their buildings and "plot of land." Once they have that figured out they'll build their structure out of paper and glue.

8th Grade
The full year is starting on a bas relief clay piece. They've only got two weeks left with us to work on it. They're not super interested in school now. The part year is making a popart based idea, where they make a food item out of clay. They're pretty cute. One girl is making a hamburger with a whole cow as the patty. Funny stuff.

We had a boy get suspended for crushing someone's clay piece. He didn't really have a reason for doing it. Just impulse. Jerky thing to do, but I feel bad for him. His mom's in the hospital (something terminal) and he was sent to live with his dad (divorced). He was acting out as he's 12 and doesn't know what to do with himself in this situation, so his dad kicked him out. Now he's living with his grandparents. Poor kid. I hope they start making him see the school counselor on a regular basis.

Psu was good. We did some activities in my art methods class. Fun stuff. Did some printmaking and some photo work with a Holga. Friday I realized that I don't have too long left until the end of the term. I have tons o' stuff to do this weekend. Today I ran errands this morning, getting up early, and then went over to Beth's apt and we made plaster face casts of each other. They turned out pretty well. I should get on to the rest of the homework now.

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K Schimmy said...

Yay Holga! The "fantastic plastic" camera! They're fun. I want to see what you did!