Saturday, May 13, 2006

madness & chaos

So, today TheKenna, mrpants and I went on a tour of Mt.Scott and it's unbelievable houses. They have those $800,000 houses up there, and we snuck (kinda) past the security gates and went to the top of the hill. The houses were enormous, but not very attractive. They did all have, however, a water feature in the front yard of every single damn house. One place even had a backyard grotto flanked by two grey, granite-flecked panthers each larger than your average cocker spaniel. It was tremendous. We also had a great view of the entire ptown metro area. You could see mt st helens, mt adams, mt hood, downtown, the airport, rocky butte, and (incredibly) the 205 bridge going over the columbia. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. Or I woulda had pictures of these wonders for you all.

Later that evening, we went and saw the Aquabats at the Loveland. The Aquabats were amazing and highly entertaining, as usual. All the little punker kids are adorable. I just want to squish and pinch all their little sullen faces. So cute. The Aquabats battled a crab/shrimp thing and a giant rabbit... and won yet again. Afterwards, their words of advice were, "If you can't kill with love, try punching them in the face."

words to live by, my friends, words to live by.

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K Schimmy said...

One of my students was at the Aquabats show... he is a squishy sullen little thing. Today, he was wearing a cape, and he said he wished it was blue... when I asked, "Aquabats blue"? he freaked out and said "YESSSSS!!"

Cute, cute, cute.