Thursday, May 11, 2006

Obama for prez!

Senator Obama is gonna be on Conan O'Brien this Friday (05.12.06). I finished his book (Obama's, not Conan's.) last month while we were at mrpant's parent's house. It's a great book, really easy to read and very captivating. I'm totally voting for Obama for president when he runs (which I think he's saying will be 2010.).

yay! Obama!

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thetravellor said...

I watched him on conan & found him very amusing & humble, which is better than most politicians on talk shows (I recently have become addicted to the sunday morning talking heads b/c they are such a topic of conversation in DC). And I've found that most politicians just want to talk about what THEY'VE done to resolve particular issues even though their efforts are silly and unmeaningful. It makes me a little crazy.