Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday is the night for fun

First off. I received a delivery of accidental roses (20) Friday morning! Yay! I called the floral company and they said, "keep 'em! We'll redeliver to the right place." Nice way to start the day.

Last night we went over to the Ransom/Joe/Epoxies house to meet up with the kids for booze and burritos. Chris, Becky and Pat were up from Eugene to catch the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Crystal Ballroom. There was a large contingency of kids we like there. I love getting to see the Brooks. It's going to pain me when they are no longer within a couple hour drive anymore. I'm super happy for their move to Santa Cruz, but man... we'll miss them. Those are some good kids. We're gonna go down to Eugene for their grad walk next weekend. There will be much cheering. Hopefully, we'll get to see Pat as well while we're down there.

Joe and Nerdygirl were looking a bit tired, as the Nerdygirl has been prepping her house for sale and Joe (as her real estate agent) has been taking her around house hunting and listing her existing home. I'm glad mrpants and I don't have to make TheHouseofDoom(tm) ready for sale when we leave it. We just have to clean up after ourselves a bit, and remove our stuff. That's sufficient work for us. I got to hear about Katie's new job as Ruler of All Things Related to Children's Libraries for the State. Pretty cool.

No plans for today. mrpants has decided to investigate the BitTorrent phenomena, as well as (he says) rearrange and clean the spare room. I'll all for both those things. BitTorrent = more free music for me, plus free tv shows and such. He's trying to get junkyard wars. We're also trying to get to the closet in the spare room.

Wish us good luck on both endeavors.

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