Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sunday is also a night for fun

While I have been surrounded by friends who frequently (and with much panache) roll the 20 sided die, I have only partaken once... for a wee session that lasted maybe 2 hours. maybe. So, with little trepidation and a hellofa lot of excitement, I did some character plotting on Sunday night with mrpants, thekenna and thekenna'sboy. Thekenna'sboy will be our dm. I'm a halfling paragon who owns a pawnshop in TheBigCity. he, he. This should be fun.

Yesterday (Tues) was the last day of school for all the 8th graders. There was a yearbook signing assembly at the end of the day and all the 8th graders packed up their art to take home, except for the giant papier mache pieces... which we made their families pick up during conferences. It was a little sad. I'd gotten to know some of the kids pretty well. A few made sure I signed their yearbook, which is just too cute. Sidenote* I only remember having one teacher (Mr.Bell, whose aim with a blackboard eraser was incredible.) ever sign my yearbook. I ignored the rest of the staff, in lieu of chasing after cute boys to sign my book. end Sidenote* The boy who I mentioned a few weeks ago that got suspended... at the end of his class, he double checked with me to be sure I'd be around for the yearbook signing, and came tear-assing down the hall later that day with his book in hand for me to sign. Funny, funny squirrels.

3 more days. All of them half days. Did I mention that I agreed to look after my cooperative teacher's cats for a week this summer? I'm such a sucker.

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