Thursday, July 06, 2006

End of Week2

So, I'm just finishing up week two of classes... which is equal to midterm. Weird. I feel I've just started to get a handle on what each prof wants from us, and it's already halfway over. bizarro short term stuff. I got out early from my a.m. class this morning, so now I have 3 hours to wait for class #2. I should be working on homework, but my brain is just so damn full and tired right now. At least I crammed in as much reading as possible during the holiday weekend. Now I just have writing assignments due next week, in addition to some catch up reading.

highlights from this morning's class include:

1. a discussion of Barbara Walter's speech impediment,
2. a fourth of my classmates whipping out laptops and messaging back and forth during the BORING lecture,
3. and the prof discussing his theory about GeorgeW's possible fetal alcohol syndrome.

good stuff.

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Turtle Lady said...

These discussions are really worth the big bucks you're paying. Perhaps next week they'll answer the ultimate question--who'd really win in the Batman -vs- Superman debate?