Friday, July 07, 2006


sweet. it's finally the weekend for me. I meant to get up early, go work out, clean house, yadda yadda... but, as usual, the lazy and the tired got me down. I slept in and now am absorbed in the world of internetting. ce la vie. (sp?)

also, one of the neighbors has been using a mic or a loudspeaker to perform hideous hiphop-type songs. now one of their kids (preteen) has gotten ahold of it. the kid is yelling about how he loves his butt, how the bird is gonna eat him and is greeting people as they walk by ("hi two strange ladies walking by."), I'm just about to go get the slingshot and some marbles.

next in the Crystal's Friday show, the b/w kitties were in a cute pile of sleepy b/w-ness, when the Roz kept jerking his head up and biting his sister in the neck, and she would whine, but not move. I finally gave him a scoot off the couch, and when he got up to walk away, he acted like his back leg was asleep. poor kiddo. his sister sat on him and made his foot go to sleep.

ahhh, cats. the fun never ends. Ok. now I'm gonna go kill that kid and be productive around the house, and maybe get some homework done.


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Anonymous said...

c'est la vie