Sunday, July 09, 2006

Homework Machine!

I have been crackin' out the homework lately. It seems that all I think about is homework. I wake up... to do homework. I go to sleep... to be ready for homework. I eat... to take a break from homework. It's pretty much consuming my life. I've finished three papers this weekend and am starting on building a "unit of study" (ie: several weeks worth of lessons). I think I'm going to choose Dada as my focus. I can incorporate all kinds of stuff to relate to the idea of Dada (anti-establishment theory, punk rock, adbusters, etc.) and it's full of absurdity, which teens love. Which leads me to another question, why have I not seen anyone start off a lesson on Surrealism with a clip of a Monty Python intro? It's so incredibly suitable to teenagers and Surrealism.

Also, the bodacious Sarah has been staying with us, and will continue to do so on and off for July. I love seeing her! YAY! I did make the mistake of telling her how horrendously hot it had been here, and she was excited. She loooooves the hot weather. So, of course, it promptly got gray, overcast and cold for her first 3 days up here. It's hot again, now that she's at home. We'll see what happens tomorrow and what kind of Sarah-effect happens with the weather.

also... I want one!


Hoping4more said...

good luck with all that homework!! I think I know how you feel, luckily done with most of that!! hope you get through all that, and enjoy it as much as you can. you will really appreciate what your students will go through, huh... :)

Kungfukitten said...

The Pre-raphaelites are filled with scandal. That's what I always loved about them - like how all of Dante's women look like his friend's wife who he was obsessed with and how Millias accidently killed his wife by making her lay in a bathtub full of cold water in his mother's wedding dress so he could paint "Ophelia." She later caught penumonia and died. High school students love gossip, no matter how old it is. ;)

K Schimmy said...

Dammit! The Knights are sold out!
Dada rocks, kids love it, even if they don't get it, because there are urinals and things.