Friday, July 14, 2006

one week & five classes to go

I'm almost done. Next week is the last of the 4 week session. I've got 3 unit plans, 4 papers, 4 quizzes and one presentation to turn in before next Thursday. I've got most of this stuff done already, but my presentation is looking a little iffy. Ah, well. I have a presentation group meeting tonight at Lelainya's house at 6pm. We'll get it all figured out. Lelainya always has well thought out ideas, and is very responsible. I swear, she's a supermom. She's got a 3yr old boy and a 9yr old girl, and is going to grad school. sheesh. We've also got the two French teacher guys in our group. They are very fun. It should be an amusing presentation. Edward's talking about dressing up as Paolo Freire; beard, glasses, jacket with patches and all. heh.

Last night I had dinner w/ five of the art girls in between our Engagement class and our Art class at a Vietnamese place close by. It was a great time. I was so glad everyone went. We had a couple drinks and commiserated and studied and laughed. Good times. After Art class, I headed downtown and met some of the folks from Vesta for a quick drink before going home. It was fun. Ken wouldn't stop hugging me and saying how he missed me at work (ha!). I got into a conversation about the 2 most recent popes and nyc architechture w/ Mark Taylor, which was fun. Got to see some folks from back in the (vesta)day at CC's.

For those of you who are unaware.... Brian's sister is gonna be visiting from New Zealand (with Brian's 8yr old nephew) next weekend. We're hosting a bbq to welcome her as well as to celebrate the end of the term for my cohort. So, if you want to meet Brian's sister or anyone from my school cohort please stop by on Saturday, July 22nd around 6pm-ish. See ya there!

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