Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This last paper is killing my soul. I know he's not gonna read it. He's just gonna count the references and pages and look at the format. Arghghg.

killing my soul, I say!


K Schimmy said...

Do some sort of pagan burning ritual after it is graded. That always helped me... although the headdress was REALLY heavy and REALLY smelly.

thetravellor said...

Sorry bout the paper from hell. My best advice is take a punch of quotes, paste 'em together, attempt to make some logic of the order. Put in a fancy conclusion and presto chango paper! Thats what I did today, and then winged the presentation. Granted, I don't care so much about the grades (law school will count) and as long as I do the work, I think I pass. Maybe I'm wrong about that here in Oxford, but then, oh well!