Sunday, August 06, 2006

And I thought school was busy!

So, Brian and I have been continuing our quest for ownership of a house. Our offer was countered, and we've accepted. We've filled out more and more paperwork, and we're going over monday morning to trail behind the house inspector like puppies. We should have the appraisel soon after that (if the inspection doesn't show anything horrid), and hopefully will get the keys and give away all our savings on August 23rd! The owners want the sale to close sooner, but our bank lady said the quickest she could put together all the paperwork would be the 23rd. So, we'll see what happens. The owners did agree to pay 3k of our closing costs, which is what's letting us actually get into a house with that price. whew! I'll take pictures on monday and post some for the curious.

On another note, we've been cleaning our our Basement of Doom(tm) and have agreed that we need a dumpster. Our basement flooded a few times last winter (due to stupid gutter placement) and the carpet that was down there needs to go. I'm excited to see progress down there though. We've got all the holiday stuff (halloween boxes galore) and all of my stuff packed up. We're just wading through computer pieces and brian's stuff now. I think we're making a Goodwill run today. I'm gonna go through my closet first.

Also, we went and looked at paint chips last night, and then watched like three episodes of Nova and drank a lot of red wine. improving our brain while killing off the weaker brain cells, all at the same time. I learned that I enjoy the architecture of the Familistère, by Jean-Babtist Andre Godin (fr, 1880s) and hate Alverto Siza (Portuguese, 1980s). Also, the first "Connections" with James Burke was pretty cool.

here's a picture of me christening the boat.

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K Schimmy said...

What a cute little sprite you were (are). And that is a tiny, tiny Andrea!

Congrats on making it through the tough part of home buying... actually finding a place is half the battle. Woo hoo!