Monday, August 07, 2006

House Acquisition, part 42

So, we went to the house inspection this morning. I took pictures of the house here for everyone.

Results: The sewer inspector said that our part of the sewer line is fine, except there seems to be a "party line" which we may or may not have to do something with. We're finding out from the city today. The house looks good and solid on the inside (except it smelled of cologne, perhaps the airfreshners?). The siding will need some repair, as the installers apparently didn't put the proper flashing in at the bottom. The concrete between the house and the shop needs to be replaced at some point, because the gutters on the shop aren't doing the job and there's been some water damage. The roof around the chimney needs replacing as, again, the installers didn't do it properly. Other than those things, the inpector said it looked like a good solid house. The foundation is fine and there's no weirdness inside.

Seems like the perfect advertisement for making sure your installation crew and contractors do a good job though, eh?

front of house from street
living room
living room again
winnie the pooh room - soon to be office
master bedroom & bath
main bathroom
outside areas


K Schimmy said...

Are you going to ask for those repairs to be done by the seller? You should at least try. We had to do stupid things as small as replacing bathroom fans.

I love the fireplace! How exciting! Painting party soon?

Sarah said...

Wow! Love the pictures.
A sewer party line? What type of party would you have in a sewer?