Thursday, September 28, 2006

A couple things tonight:

1. I'm recovering from the black plague finally. I sound like crap today, but feel much better. I had energy and actually enjoyed interacting with the kids today.
2. This, of course, means that mr.pants has caught my cold, which puts him in bed with my beloved NyQuil. I'm a little jealous.
3. Which means that I'm goofin' around on the internet all evening by my lonesome...
4. Which means I found this site, which features "display teas." I never knew there was a such a thing!
5. Also, the short-bus cat is doing an army-crawl under our entertaiment-center/tv-holder thing. I'm not sure why.

I had my first Art/Teaching class tonight for fall term. I was really excited to see everyone from the art group again. I didn't realize how much I was looking forward to this, until I had said good bye to everyone and was walking back towards the car. There's a few people that I really enjoy talking to. I hope I can keep in contact with them, but looking at how this summer went, I have my doubts. After talking to all of them, it's really reassuring to hear the same kinds of issues I'm having and the same feelings. I truly appreciate having this group to bounce ideas off of. I'm looking forward to tomorrow (first full PSU day for fall) and seeing the people from the rest of our cohort as well.

ps. I got one of the angry, hostile kids to crack a smile today! Whoo, hoo!
pps. I'm not guaranteeing that I won't repost tonight. You've been warned.

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rebecca said...

Oh man, it's the sickness of doom! I'm also sounding worse but feeling somewhat better.

Also, I love NyQuil