Sunday, September 24, 2006

cough, hack, hack.... it's happened. All the dirty little beasties have gotten me sick. I'm only in my third week of teaching, and I'm already sick. My throat hurts, my nose is sniffly, my body is achey and (more importantly) my brain is not functioning properly. grrr...

I did manage to make it to the first annual Portland Pirate Festival yesterday for a bit. There was lots of people in costume! There was pirate paraphanelia for purchase. There was Salvador Molly's and Lady Tina's Thighs for eating, as well as the AleHouse, which had surprisingly good grog on tap. Must have been sponsered by Rogue Brewery. The price to get in was a little steep for what was there. I would have prefered a $5 entrance fee. We saw Bianca and her Urban Berbers dancing, and they looked lovely, as usual. Moderately fun festival. I think I would have enjoyed it more, had I been not sick, and not paid so much to get in.

Today I finish homework. I have to create some examples for my drawing class kids, for our new project. And write up lesson plans, of course. My supervisor's gonna be checking in soon to see that I have lesson plans for each day soon enough. I need to get into practice.

cough, cough... wheeeze. See ya laters.

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K Schimmy said...

I cannot speak enough good things about the cute little powder pouches called Emergen-C (they have them at Freddie's and TJ's)... they have saved my health several times. While you are Typhoid Mary, try to get as many kids sick as possible, for revenge.