Saturday, September 23, 2006

goodness. So, we met ransom, rebecca, heidi, joe and a host of other kids out at the BOG last nigt for some post-week beers and good company. It was lovely. Had lots of good conversation, with some good-looking kids (as chris would say). Then the party moved to the basement pub, which I hadn't been to before. In the past, I've heard some people bitch about that place, and some people say they loved it. I didn't mind it at all. It reminded me of my cousin's cabin down at the beach. Same tables, same ashtrays, same dark atmosphere and lots of beer. All too familiar, made me right at home. Then.... jasun started convincing everyone to head to lola's for dancing. I said no, very firmly, as I had been up at 5am all week long. It didn't work. I found myself at lola's dancing the night away with some very sauced compatriots. It was superfun, and I was reminded that I hadn't been dancing in suuuuch a long time. I really enjoy dancing, and wish I hadn't been sporting clogs last night, as they didn't lend themselves to any good moves.

I really enjoy my friends.... If I haven't mentioned that before.

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