Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just a quick thought

I ran into one of my high school classmates last Friday, as I was picking up our 95 lbs of tunafish from the boat. It's always funny to see people down there accidently. I always think it may happen, but am totally surprised when it does.

I also ran into Bob Ham tonight at the local Freddie Meyers. He was one of my good high school chums, dated a few of my friends, his sister dated my ex, etc.... He had one of his daughters with him (Zhara). I swear I can't be as old as this, but his twins are now 13! She was being all crazy and 13-like and had totally turquoise hair. I guess Zhara's staying with him and his wife this summer, and the other one is back with mom. There was a funny moment when Bob was trying to enter my phone number into his cell, and was fiddling with it and muttering (in a Bob-like way), when Zhara said, "Want me to do that?" My response was, "We're not that old!" and Bob's was, "I am cool enough to do this!"

When did we get old enough to become technology indeficient?


Robert said...

'Twas super nice to run into you, my friend. I certainly hope we can hang out sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

It's spelled Zarah, and she's 12.