Monday, September 04, 2006

so freakin exciting

I'm so excited that we're finally moving this coming weekend. I can't wait to get out of not-our-house, and into our-house. I took the curtains over today to see it they'd fit, and they just need to have the hem let out a little and all will be well. yay! I have plans for the curtains in most of the rooms that involve a trip to IKEA. Unfortunately, I don't know when that will happen. It's so far away, and our weekends are taken up so quickly. Also there's the issue of transportation. All the stuff I have on my list will fit in our car, but as Brian pointed out, it makes sense to pick up a few extra bookcases while we're there (since we'll be short the built-in). The bookcases definitely do not fit in the car as we found out in a rather unfortunate manner last time (If I haven't told you the story of Andy Jagels saving the day and the wonder of coincindences... remind me next time I run into you.). We don't have a truck, and the trip to Renton from our new place is approximately 167 miles, according to mapquest. Which is entirely too far for a truck/van rental. Not worth the $$. The only person we know that would let us borrow their truck is Brian's dad, who lives in Eugene. That makes the $$ spent on gas not worth it. le sigh... I'm not sure what we'll do. Brian just wants to buy us a truck. I'm concerned about the quality of truck that we could get for the $$ we have to spend on one. I'm also not sure I want to be a 3 vehicle family. Seems kinda ridiculus for two people. We do need them. Neither Tigard nor Vancouver have a public transportation system that would work for us.

Blah, blah, blah... So many ideas and problems to work through... just for some Ikea stuff. How complicated!

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K Schimmy said...

If we still lived there, you could totally used our cowboy cadillac... sorry we can't help! To own a truck is to want to help others.