Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I thought I had said all I wanted to say... but I was wrong. I went to get a glass of wine, and was reminded that we just bought a bottle of South African wine marketed by the Boekenhoutskloof vinyard. I love Afrikaans. It's such an amazing/amusing language. It just looks ridiculous, but sounds imposing (to me). Mr. Pants told me, whilst we were deciding on bottles, that a coworker of his knew German and traveled to SA (or visa-versa). Said coworker has a pretty easy time of it there, as the German and Dutch-based Afrikaans had enough in common for him to facilitate some understanding. Again, interesting (to me).

Next: School Update(s)
1. I managed to fuck up my timetable for my big Fall Work-Sample-of-Doom (tm). So now I'm gonna get an incomplete for this term, which numerous people have asserted is not the end of the world. I know better, however. When the world collapses as soon as PSU issues grades, you'll know who to blame.
2. I did my lecture/powerpoint on surrealism for the kids today. It went fairly well. They enjoyed Dali's LobsterPhone, and the stories I told about Frida and Sal. They seemed to pay attention, asked good questions, a couple of them did some great leaps forward in thinking. I was super impressed. Two things that didn't go well: a) there have been freshman tours of elective classes all week, and a group came by just as I was finishing up my lecture. It pretty well interrupted everything and I didn't get a chance to do my "riddle me this" bit with the kids and their journals. foo. b) one of my trouble-monsters took me to the point where I got completely fed up and I'm making him come in during his lunch tomorrow.

-clumsygirl a.k.a. TheMan

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