Thursday, December 07, 2006

What a day, whew! I woke up 1.5 hrs late this morning.

2nd PeriodI was just starting the teaching of a Photoshop assignment to the AP kids in the computer lab, when the fire drill went off. Outside we go. I'm not in my room, so I have no coat or gloves and it's FUCKING-ASS COLD out there. (How cold was it you ask) It was so cold that I started badgering kids to give me their coats. Didn't work. Selfish little jerks. Wanted to keep their precious fingers attached and non-frostbitten. foo.

So, alarm stops. We head back in, and get 20 feet from the warm-glowing-warmth of the inside and we're directed to stop and return to the frosty field of doom, as apparently the danger is not over. Or the firemarshall isn't happy yet with our performance or somesuch. Brrrrrr.... So, there goes that class time.

4th period, I'm trying out a new activity that went fairly well in 3rd period. We get to the last 15 minutes of class, and I turn around and see Laura trying to calm down and separate two kids. WTF?! They were just about ready to leap at each other throats like crazed weasels. I was so shocked. I went over to help, but didn't do a whole lot more than stand around looking shocked and ineffectual, while Laura went dashing about trying to get security (got shunted to voicemail 3 times before yelling at someone). Good Lord! So, security takes away kidA and talks briefly with the kidB. KidB was so upset. We had him in our office waiting for security (kidA in the other room), and kidB was all shaky and teary-eyed, but trying to be the big, tuff ganstaboy. I felt so bad for him, he's a good guy and I really enjoy having him around. The kidB = screwed up and jerky. also, mr. supersenior came in late, and left with the bathroom pass and didn't return until 3 minutes to the bell. He's on my list for tomorrow.


5th period, I had to have a talk with one of the twins, and we made a plan for him getting to class on time. Also, friend of jerkyboy comes back and he and I have a long talk about homophobia and racism. I don't know why he continues to support jerkyboy's agenda. I don't get it.

6th period I sent aforementioned monsterboy (see yesterday's post) to ISS (like the office) and because he never came to see me at lunch, as aforementioned.

What's the deal with boys today?

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kungfuramone said...

Boys are like the inferior laboring caste, destined to help women move furniture and open jars and then be sent back to their cages.

(BTW, my verification word is "buube" Hee hee...)