Friday, January 19, 2007

Just for thinking's sake... I'm wondering about our next travel place. Somewhere in the U.S., as we won't have enough cash to spend on a good out of country trip. I've been thinking about both Chicago and SF. I'd like to hear which you'd vote for (and why), as well as any other cities I should see soon.


Rebecca said...

I may be a little biased here but...SF. Why? Because KFR and Beetlegirl and Pesto the super bunny live close to there...Why else? Because SF has lots of ocean and bay and (I don't trust places not close to the ocean), and best of all, Coit Tower on Nobb Hill. Oh yeah, it has art and restaurants to boot.

P.S. where does the phrase, "to boot" come from?

kungfuramone said...

Also: Beetlegirl gives tours of SF for the low low price of FREE!

ransom said...

I can't really give an objective vote, never having been to Chicago, but I gather Chicago's attractions consist largely of Pizza, Polish food, the blues, and grit.

S.F., on the other hand, has lots of food of all kinds (with my own personal emphasis on Chinese [Nulite Kitchen, Soon Lee, more] and Mexican [Taqueria La Cumbre, Taqueria Tepatatlan, El Faro, many more] that I miss so much), the Exploratorium, lots of absurdly picturesque views, the Lucca delicatessen (bring back antipasto! The little flat jars with bright red-orange sauce and tuna, tiny onions, carrots, cauliflower, olives and stuff inside).

And if you go in, er, I think it's April, you might be able to catch the Epoxies, the Pheonomenauts, the Groovie Ghoulies, and, er another band, all at once.

Okay, it's not a very coherent case, but S.F. is tasty and pretty.

Turtle Lady said...

SF, go before it's underwater or breaks off in an earthquake! Seriously, I'm more interested in the history of of SF right now than Chicago. History of immigration, Japanese relocation, Western movement etc. And you know a history expert who lives there! Although, I'd be interested in finding sites/museums in Chicago about what was going on there in the 1920s.

Kenna said...

I'm going to rebel and vote CHICAGO.

The fact that you can drive to SF makes me think that if your going on a trip you should go big and go cross country. Chicago has a bazillon museums, the tallest building in the US, you could see "Wait, wait don't tell me" be recorded, the Safe House bar, land o' lakes. I'm not selling it that well because I haven't researched, but GO BIG!

rebecca said...

I have to agree with Kenna. I've also never been to Chicago and would like to, so that colors my opinion.

Or maybe think of it this way: if you want calm, relaxing, hanging out with friends vacation, you can't go wrong with SF. If you want something you haven't seen before and a different cultural attitude (guessing here), Chicago's a better bet.