Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ok. I give credit where credit is due. My sis found this one. Check him out! I mean really... your name is Calamari and you decided to to teach MARITIME law? for the love of pete!

"Professor Calamari teaches Admiralty and Maritime Law at St. John’s University School of Law."


Sarah said...

I should teach sewing.

Kungfukitten said...

Funny, he doesn't look deep fried and crunchy. I guess I could teach hot rod racing in Australia.

hissandtell said...

Oh, I adore this kind of name/occupation synchronicity! I've known a Manual Arts (Shop) teacher named Mr Wrench, a marriage counsellor named Dr Love, a lawyer named Mr Bull, a school groundsperson named Mrs Gardner and sheep-shearer named Blade. But that Professor Calamari is a man among men! (Or a man among squid.) I wonder how many tentacles he has? Love, R xxx