Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oregon Professional Educators Fair

Yesterday I went to the teacher job fair at the convention center. It was packed with people. Crazy. I spent most of the day there, and managed to speak with or drop off resumes with, thirteen different school districts. I had good contact with the people at Evergreen, David Douglas, Gresham-Barlow, HIllsboro and Beaverton. There were only a few jobs for art folks posted at this time, but man! If you happened to be a special ed, esl, math or science teacher you could pick and choose who you wanted to work for. Amazing. There were schools from as far away as Bering Straights Alaska to Compton CA, to Colorado. So strange. The guy from Compton was like a side-show announcer, trying to get people to come down to LA.

I also had my first class for my research project last night. I can't get a read on the professor yet. She started out seeming like a hardass, but we made construction paper castles in groups as part of the class. Should be interesting.

After that I met up at Crush with mrpants and the crew to celebrate his birthday with a few drinks. I was exhausted, so didn't really participate too much. Tonight I'm gonna take the boy out for Thai food to make up for missing most of his birthday.

Also, I'll have garden pictures for you soon. We just planted an artichoke next to the rhubarb. Wheee!

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