Friday, April 06, 2007

This is exactly what SecretSquirrel and I had been discussing a while back. Owning a tribe (thanks kfr) of goats and renting them out to take care of blackberry shrubs and other weeds. Perfect! Rent-A-Goat!

Speaking of gardening... the garden is going well. I have way too many tulips and lilies, though. I've been transplanting them all into little pots and taking them out of raised beds so we have room for vegetables. We've purchased 2 types of carrot seeds and two types of chard seedlings. Tomatoes and peppers are up next. We're hoping to establish a salsa garden to satisfy mrpants' salsa habit. I really want to hunt down some black heirloom tomatoes. They look so cool!

In other news, I had my first session of the Contemporary Artists class last night. Giant art history books, as per usual, but also our first assignment is to go see the Damien Hirst show at PAM. I'm excited about the class. I love art history lecture classes, and this one focuses on one of my weakness: the last 20 years of art. I also really love that the professor used to be a museum coordinator at PAM and one other museum (I forget which one), so she's coming from an applied background rather than a purely academic background. This should make for an interesting lecture. She said she's going to have us going to several galleries around town. Neat! I think I've come up with an angle on my research paper, too. I'm thinking about looking into the relationship between art education funding and community involvement.

ok. I'm off. Got lots to do today, and Red Elvises are playing tonight. I don't know if we're going yet, but I want to be all done with stuff, in case we decide to go.


kungfuramone said...

Oh, you should totally go. Red Elvises are amazing; in their current iteration (at least, their current iteration as of 9 months ago), they have a horn section, and it totally works.

Secret Squirrell said...

Wow. I can't beleive you found someone who rents goats. I guess sense I have wanted to rent a goat so badly I should just start my own rent-a-goat buisness. Maybe it will catch on down here.