Sunday, April 15, 2007

Something that I am enjoying a lot right now, especially as mrpants and I are establishing our garden and reworking the front yard... is It's awesome. It's like the crafster of plant-lovers and horticulturalists. Neat.

Mrpants and I recently acquired four 55 gallon rain barrels from a strange, little man via craigslist. We're planning on converting three of them into rain barrels for summertime watering needs, and one into a composter like so. Very exciting. We're also ripping out the weird, little, plastic fencing in the front yard. We're gonna set up another two wee raised beds in the south side of the front yard. I've been digging up the horrid, little, concrete, scalloped edgers (peoples off the streets already took them ALL!), while mrpants has been digging up the fence posts. The next stop is removing the ugly concrete-paver "bed" they created in front of the the big window. We're just wating for the tulips to be done, and then it's outta there!

Also, did you know you could do this with garlic plants? I sure didn't.


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Anonymous said...

isn't gardening magic, full of surprise beauty, and a true stress reliever! :) Even feels good to get your hands dirty!