Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Has anyone seen these? I think it's funny, and I want to put some out in our yard. Maybe one on the back fence? Maybe one on the future garden bed in the front yard?

In other news:
Whew! I spent most of today applying for three positions in Portland. Egads! It takes so long to get all the paperwork put together, stuff printed and searched for, labeled properly and uploaded, downloaded and scanned, yadda, yadda...

I think I have this process under control now, though. So, the next few that pop up should't be quite as frustrating. I also have another job fair (district specific) on saturday morning, and a "screening interview" with another district on wed. I heard from a local teacher that last year, Portland Public was still posting new positions in August. So I won't panic for a while. I need to email the Gresham connection and express interest in subbin'... just in case.

tonight, I get sushi! I'm elbowing my way into the japanese study session that Ransom and mrpants are doing tonight. Then I think I'll come home and either watch Valleygirl, or paint another section in the kitchen.

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