Friday, April 20, 2007

We went to The Tonic last night, after I got back from class* to see an amazing line up of mostly local bands, with the Epoxies headlining. When we walked in the door they asked who we were there to see and we had to answer, "everyone!" Started off with the bugs of lighting, w/ our real estate agent on bass. Next up was the punk group, who were hilarious as usual. Then Operation S played. They're a group that the Epoxies met on tour in Europe, I guess. They're from France and they are freakin rad! I was so impressed. They rocked it all in French (the PunkGroup referred to them as "freedom people" which made me laugh.), which is neat. A lot of times you see foreign bands that only sing in English, which kinda weirds me out. Operation S came back out for one last song, and totally did one of the Epoxies songs in French. The whole places was laughing and smiling and rockin out. Loved it. The Epoxies were fun and amazing, as per their want. Jesse did a shout-out at one point, "Dance like you're 32!" and the whole place went nuts. All in all it was an awesome show, and I am tired and old today.

*I have a whole rant about conceptual art that I'll save for another time.

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K Schimmy said...

Ooooo! Ooooo! I can't wait for your conceptual art rant. Chances are, I will wholeheartedly agree.

I dance like I'm 31... high school kids don't think it's very cool, though.