Wednesday, April 25, 2007

three things:

1. I just got back from my "screening" interview w/ Beaverton SD. It went fabulously. I felt I was on target with all the questions. The guy said that I "had a lot of depth in my answers" and started fumbling for more questions to throw at me. I came back with a question and some extra info that he really enjoyed at the end of the interview, and he seemed impressed w/ me. Yay!

2. On my way back to the car, I was walking by a construction guy (of the one million construction guys downtown right now) and he was measuring something on the sidewalk w/ his tape measure. Also he had a hold of his dog's leash and the dog kept stepping over the tape measure and generally being a nuisance. I had not seen construction guys taking their dogs to work before. I wonder if the dog gets paid?

3. Yesterday I was studying, when I smelled smoke. I thought perhaps it was one of the neighbors w/ a fireplace going, although it wasn't very cold. Then I started hearing sirens getting closer, and then I heard a "whoomp." I went and looked outside, and one block over a house was on fire. There was billowing black smoke and four fire engines lining up w/ an ambulance on the way. It was mayhem! The neighbor and I were talking, and commenting on how we had not seen this much traffic on our little street in a long time. Lots of gawkers driving past to look and be in the way. Pretty crazy. I went by the house last night, and the front of it is destroyed. I haven't heard any news on injuries or why it started yet.


K Schimmy said...

Of course you rocked the interview... you have a calm way about you that helps in those types of situations.

I wish I could take my dogs to work... my feet would be much warmer than they are today.

crashcourse said...

whenever someone needed a smackdown at work, I always wanted to bring TheBug.

Anonymous said...

way cool girl!