Thursday, May 31, 2007

An exciting thing, and a few other items:

1. I got my license in the mail today! Woo! I'm very excited. I'm taking all my paperwork over to the 'couv tomorrow to get my washington license as well. Neat! Maybe I'll be able to get in some sub time at EHS before school's out!

2. Two more icky spiders came after me yesterday. One came tearing across the kitchen floor at my bare feet, and the other I found squished on the bottom of my beer bottle (ech. I accidently touched it.). shudder. I hope we don't have an infestation. I'm a little worried now.

3. Its officially summery now. The plants are needing lots of water, I found my contacts so's I can wear some sunglasses, and my allergies are making me sneeze every 34 seconds.

4. I will have pictures of one corner of the kitchen for everyone shortly. The kitchen de-uglification has begun.

5. Did I mention I got my license in the mail?


K Schimmy said...

Ugh! What do the spidies look like? Lots are hatching right now, so now is the time to KILL THEM WHILE THEY SLEEP! Yuck yuck yuck!

Yay for licenses... want to come sub for me? =)

crashcourse said...

I was just thinking that once I get the wash lic. I could come stay w/ mom and sub for you next year if you ever needed. If I don't get a job....