Tuesday, May 08, 2007

So, kfk's recent post just reminded me of The Nemesis. I hadn't thought of her in quite some time (thankfully). Have any of you had someone who is just so totally the opposite of everything you stand for that you can't believe you both don't wear the same superhero costume, but in different colors? The hatred is epic and palpable, that's what I mean. She was just so unbelievably phony and plastic all the time. You couldn't believe a word she said, ever. You definitely couldn't trust her with anything in confindence, she was like a sieve for conversations. They'd just leak right out all over the floor. She needed attention so badly. She'd revolve between acting like an ass and acting like a prima donna. It didn't always work out for her, but she was so horribly to me that I'd giggle every time one of her plans went awry. I remember her ambush-kissing a boy at lunchtime in 6th grade, and he was so surprised and upset that he spit his mouthful of lunch all over the cafeteria table.

Does anyone else have a nemesis? If so, why did they get elevated to nemesis status?

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K Schimmy said...

I think my nemesis is graduating this year. Little f**ker.