Monday, May 14, 2007

Today I feel like crap (sore throat, no sleep, sniffles, super tired). None the less, I managed to do the following today (Man, I love lists!):
1. Meet up w/ my proposal partner this morning and we finalized our rough draft.
2. I also went and potted some plants that had been crying for attention. My mom brought up a cool plant called crocusemia lucifer (see above) that needed potting.
3. Brian's basils needed new homes.
4. I split my corsican mint into two sections and repotted them both in waaaay bigger containers. The mint was in one of those little four inch plastic jobbies at the nursery, and I put it into a five inch terracotta thinking that'd be sufficient for this summer. Holy Schnikies! Its only been potted for three weeks, and its already trailing over the edge. So, split it is, and put into 12 inch peat pots. That should satisfy it for a while (I hope!).
5. Now I'm gonna try to drag myself to my ceramics class. It's only once/week, and I really don't want to miss it.

Did I mention that I saw a bunch of the fam this weekend? My mom came up, and we went out to my cousin's house for mother's day. Me, my mom, my gram, my aunt Dodie and her daughter Cindy, and her daughter's 2 (college-age) kids. Lots of family I hadn't seen in while. I miss seeing my aunts and their husbands, and don't see my gram enough for her living in the Tron and me being out here. I'm a poor granddaughter. foo.

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