Wednesday, June 27, 2007

hmm... according to google analytics, I have had 67 visitors within the last week or so. It also says I'm getting most of my visitors from Washington. Verrry, verrrry interesting. Who are you people? Someone from Montesano, WA? Someone from Medford, OR? Someone from Kalispel, MT? Give me a shout out. I didn't realize that many people from outside Portland and the beach read this foolishness. Color me amazed.


kungfuramone said...

This is one of the great mysteries of blogging. I consistently have someone from McCall, Idaho. I don't know any residents of the great Gem State personally; thus I am confused.

Other great mystery of blogging: why we think anyone wants to read about what we had for breakfast on a given day. But, apparently, 40 - 70 distinct people each week REALLY DO!

thetravellor said...

Well, you know who the one in DC is. Although, how do they track these things? That's my question. Isn't technology amazing and slightly scary. If they can track the town and state, whats to say they can't track actual address? Hmmm. Makes me wonder.

Adam said...

I am Kungfu Ramone's brother so I wandered over from his Blog.