Sunday, June 24, 2007

Several exciting things:

1. Mrpants finished his first garden trellis the other day, and we moved the volunteer pumpkins into a more spacious arrangement and gave them the trellis to use. They all survived the move, despite several droopy leaves that didn't perk up for a couple days. They should all be tiny pumpkins (or baby white pumpkins or gourds) from the Halloween decorations we threw out last year. Neat. Mrpants is busily working on a more circular trellis this afternoon. I'm impressed.

2. We went out to PIR to see Ransom race his 160 today. After getting sunburned Saturday morning, I was all prepared with lipchap, sunblock and a bottle of water today. So it rained. A lot. We got to see Ransom finish his first race, and that was rad. Lots of excitement and cheering. We also got soaked. We went home, wrang out all our clothes (shirts, pants, underwear, jackets, etc.), and were very glad to be warm and dry again. This is a picture of all the stuff in my bag that got wet. yumm... wet receipts and tissue. mmmm...

3. I finally finished a painting project I had been planning for quite some time. This is in the kitchen now (thanks to mrpants and his art-to-wall-attaching skillz. I was planning on adding a shelf below this piece to place a plant on. We'll see if I find the right combination of shelf, plantpot and artwork that makes me happy. I'm thinking about doing another piece that is a one paned window with a dancing skeleton, but want to make sure it keeps with the Dias de Los Muertos theme, and doesn't instead make one think of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia.

4. I had to do some trimming of the gianormous rhubarb the other day, and so today I made two (count 'em!) rhubarb cobblers/crumbles. I'm pretty happy with my fruit filling recipe, but am still searching for a more perfect topping. In one of these I just doubled the last topping recipe I used (as last time there was hardly anything to top with). In the second version I added some clove, some Grand Marnier and more butter. We'll see which one wins the taste test. I've got a lot of rhubarb dessert now. If anyone wants some, come on over!


K Schimmy said...

For me, the details push the skulls into the Dia de los Muertos realm rather than the Grateful Dead realm... the dotwork will help with that. Just steer away from any radial-dot designs, that will end up looking like tie-dye.

You have inspired me... I have a nine-pane window out in the wood shed that I have been ignoring, but now that school and relay is over, I am going to attack it.

And yay for rhubarb! Add some vanilla ice cream and I'm so there.

kungfuramone said...

AGH! Crystal art is so fuckin' DOPE!

Secret Squirrel said...

rhubarb is yum. I am so impressed with your gardening skizzels.
I love the art. can't wait to see it live.