Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well. It's been an exciting couple of days. I finished my last final (that's a fun sentence). I missed my commencement ceremony. I staged a faux-mencement ceremony in the south park blocks w/ the help of mrpants, my mom and ninjahq. Afterwards we went to Produce Row to have a few celebratory beverages (and eat some happy hour foods). I enjoy the back deck at Produce Row. It's pleasant and low key, even when full. The only time I don't enjoy it, is when they start the live music. Thusly, we always leave around 7-8pm, before that nonsense gets going. I think the space is just a little too small for electric instruments. The closest five tables are decidedly unpleasant to sit at during music, and there's not that many other tables. For shame, Produce Row. I suggest accoustic or nothing. I'd hang out w/ accoustic music ongoings, as long as the musicians didn't smell too much of patchouli.

Saturday morning, I went over to SCRAP and helped paint over graffiti on a fence that will be used for advertising Iron Artist soon. Yeah! Those folks are super nice. There was myself, a 5th grade teacher who moved here from NYC (who's also an artist), his wife (whom I didn't really talk to), a social worker, a 15 yr old girlie and the organizer. We kicked some fence ass, and didn't even bother to take names. I'm going next saturday to help wrangle the advertising painting on the said fence. Then my peoples came over for a BBQ and a good time was had by all. Yay!

On Sunday afternoon we (myself, theransom & mrpants) took thevan down to fabulous Colton OR to investigate a used ceramic set up for sale. There was a decent sized kiln, a wheel and various paraphenalia. We paid the lady the money, and packed it all into thevan to head back to the city. Yay! Now mrpants and I have been clearing out the garage so's I can use it as a ceramics studio. It's almost done. We need to get rid of the extra freezer (which needs a good scrubbing first), and then move the kegerator and install some shelves. Then we'll be set! Neat.

Pretty exciting, eh?


Turtle Lady said...

Congrats on the kiln!

thetravellor said...

Congrats on the kiln & the last final. Wish I was at that point.