Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's like every day is an event this summer. I'm amazed at how much I've been doing and how event-filled my weeks have been. I thought, at the beginning of summer, that I'd be bored out of my skull (and so signed up for many a thing). Turns out, I'm crazy-busy and honestly, just needs some time to recoup, clean and plan. It doesn't look like that's how things are shaping up, though.

I went to the wedding on Sunday. Timberline and Mt.Hood combined to be really beautiful while we were up there. There were chipmunks everywhere, too. They were awfully cute, jumping aboot in the scrub brush on the mountain. We saw a doe, as we were coming down the mountain that evening, right as sunset. So pretty. The service was short (yay), the food was scrumptious and the bride was beautiful. Quite a few of the wedding guests had arranged to stay at Timberline that night. I kinda wished we had set that up as well. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday night, and thepants had to work in the early morning. I highly recommend everyone going up there during summer.

Monday, ninjette and I went paint shopping for her new apartment. We managed to pick out Cloud White from Benjamin Moore. We spent Tuesday painting the living room, and managed to get the whole thing completed before 5pm. Go Team! It looks a lot brighter now. The previous color was a grayish taupe. uck. I don't mind gray and I don't mind taupe, but this was not a good color. Later that evening mrpants, the triumverate and I went out to Edgefield and enjoyed the annual Cracked Pots show. I was pretty tired, and a little worried about my ability to make it through the show. Fortunately, I managed to rally, 'cause the show was great. It's actually a juried show, so the artisans have to prove their worth to be in the show. I'm down with that. Especially at a big show of reuse/garden items. So often, you go to a reuse show or a garden art show and it's mostly crap. Fuddy-duddy, precious little whatsits that I can't stand. This show had some really nice things. Very clever, very reuse (the artists all had to prove that 75% of their pieces are from recycle/salvage/reuse), and really varied. I vote yes. We didn't get to see the whole show, as we arrived at 7:15pm and it was over at 8pm. Maybe next year though?

As an end to the evening, the Triumverate provided me with a spare copy of HP #7. Of course, I managed to stay up until 3:30am finishing it. I didn't keep mrpants up, though, as he was up 'til 6am doing work stuff for TheMan. We were both very tired today. I did, however, manage to make some zucchini bread today. That's my big accomplishment. That, and watering the plants. woot!


crashcourse said...

PS: I want to make a caveat to my book list. I am planning on rereading HP7 shortly, for better book discussions. Also, Memoirs and Guns, Germs & Steel are still on the to-be-finished-stack because they are lost. I can't find them since we moved in to the new house. foo.

kungfuramone said...

Um....go to bed earlier, crazy people! :P