Saturday, July 21, 2007

whew! It's been an eventful few days. The illustrious Santa Cruz duo joined us Thursday. There was some amazing kareoke action at the Ambassador that night. Songs were sung. High kicks were performed. Beers were drank. The Ambassor has more mirrors and neon than any other Chinese restaurant lounge I know of. Their stage was even filled with bling, with it's multiple steps with rope lighting, in front of the dance floor. Amazing. Pat kicked off our theme song for the week by singing The Final Countdown. Ransom and CB sang the usual Human League song, Cody sang Forever in Blue Jeans to a swaying quad of boys, and everyone looked cute.

Friday morning was sloooooowwww. There was some coffee and some breakfast and some sitting around. Later, MissBB and her brother and I went over to Fabric Depot and perused the wares. I purchased buttons. She purchased felting supplies. Yay!Eventually kids showed up at the house and a rocking BBQ was had. Mrpants whipped up some hummus, some tasty marinated tuna and some BBQ sauce for us. I made a rhubarb hubbub. Ransom brought over some marinated bok choy. All was yummy.

Today I went to a wedding shower for my childhood friend, Amy. We had yummy cake, played silly games (I wrapped up her niece in loads of toilet paper) and she opened gifties. Good times. Tomorrow we go up to Timberline to watch the wedding. I bet it's pretty up there.

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K Schimmy said...

Where are the pictures of YOU singing karaoke?