Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Things have been happening! I went to Pix's Bastille Day celebration with the fabulous bee and her associates. It was great fun. We were given a bag of confetti, and threw it aboot with abandon. We also had champagne and yummies. We had prepped for the event by being judges of bee's Iron Bartender contest this month, featuring a drink named the Pink Zebra. They were both delightful, but I fear I favored the one that included pomegranite vodka. mmm....

Other things that have been happening... I have started my training for the 3D animation class I'll be teaching. The program is tremendous. Folks that create CG effects for movies like 300, Harry Potter, BattleStar Galactica and such use this program. It's cool that we can offer kids a chance to learn real programs and skills that are usable out in the world. My head is very full today, but I have for you... a scary 3D muffin. He winks. In a threatening manner. Once I figure out how to render and convert things, I'll post an actual animation for you all.

Also, today some jerkweed hit a fire hydrant at 64th & Powell, which burst everywhere. Of course, all the water from the broken hydrant gushed everywhere, saturated the ground and created a giant sinkhole in the eastbound side of Powell. So, traffic was rerouted around the sink hole, preventing me from getting home in the usual manner. Also, all the water is turned off in our neighborhood. I am unable to wash dishes, laundry or myself. Foo. I'm hoping they turn it back on soon.

Speaking of soon! The Brooks will be here. They are staying at our place Thurs/Fri night this week. There's excitement in the air. ThePants has even taken those days off work. Yay!

Ok. I need a computer break.


K Schimmy said...

Don't f*** with that delectable cherry on the top of Mr. Muffin, he'll mess you up. He looks loco.

Turtle Lady said...

Wait, what? Going to see HP 5 isn't listed in the things that have been happening?

amy said...

your cupcake scares me.

it was lovely to meet you over the weekend - and I'm so glad you liked the pomegranate vodka.