Friday, July 13, 2007

How is it that cats always know when there's a plastic milk carton ring in the house? I think they have a sensor for milk rings specifically. I had opened the new milk jug this morning, and placed the plastic ring on the counter, thinking I'd throw it for kittens when they next came into the kitchen. I sat down to do some research on kanzashi* and heard a skitter, skitter, huff coming from the hall. Rozulon-Destroyer-of-Worlds had taken the ring off the counter and was throwing it aboot and chasing it, and huffing at it. I tried to get a picture of him, but he's faster than my camera and I just ended up with a couple shots of a blurry black & white fuzzy thing.

I realized, as I was trying to get pictures of the cat/milk ring interaction, that I hadn't posted any of my pictures of the fourth at the beach. I will do that posthaste via flickr. Look for me under clumsiegirl.

*I took a class through the Multnomah County Library with moldypenny and the secret squirrel on kanzashi recently. It's pretty rad. It's like fabric origami. Here's an amazing picture of someone's serious kanzashi work.

Moldypenny made some beautiful ones recently. She should really post a picture of her red poppy. I'm working on a series of tiny red/white ones, which I'm going to try to put together on a hair clip or somesuch. They are pictured below, pre-glueing. I want to figure out how to make leaves as well. I have a serious lack of buttons in the house for kanzashi centers. I'm remembering the tin o'buttons that my mom had from my childhood and longing for something similar. 'Cause I need more stuff, right?

Oh! I'm off to my painting class. I didn't realize it was so late.


Anonymous said...

I promise, I'll look for that tin! I was looking for knitting needles and yard the other day too, it appears sewing stuff is in hiding. Probably in storage.

Is that daisy you gave me kanzashi! Its very pretty!


crashcourse said...

Addendum: TheBug has found the plastic milk ring. Chaos insues.

pl: Yup. That was kanzashi, too.

Anonymous said...

not finding clumsiegirl on Flickr.....
it used to be there.....

K Schimmy said...

I have been canvassing my family members to see if there is a mysterious "button tin" among us... the quest goes on.

Those teensy red and white kanzashi look fabulous! On second thought, kanzashi flowers look like they would make terrific cat toys, much like plastic-y ring things.