Thursday, July 12, 2007

I finally went out and took pictures of our fruits for ya'll. The picture of the baby red bell pepper will have to wait, as I keep getting blurry shots. Also, I went out and actually used some of our garden-a-liciousness yesterday. I made pinapple-mint suntea and chocolate chip-peppermint cookies. The cookies are delightful; minty and fresh while also chocolately. Yum!

We've been getting a box every 2 weeks from Organics to You and I made a kickass lasagna two nights ago. It had: two kinds of kale, chard, zuccini, eggplant, onion, garlic and lots of cheese. Very tasty.

Today I went and volunteered at scrap for a few hours. I'm gonna be running a lot-cleanup in preparation for Iron Artist. I get to boss around 20 foolhardy volunteers while we clean up all the trash and weed the heck outta the place. Should be exciting. Let me know if you want in. I also put together collage packets for sale in the store. It was super, super fun. I get a little plastic baggie and get to sift through all the paper, magazines, fabric, sewing gear and various crazy paraphenalia. Loved it. I put together an orange packet, a key lime packet, an eggplant packet (including 2 small fake eggplants), a natural textures packet (shells and twine and nifty cream/black photos), a black/white packet, a gold packet (shiny!) and a brown/turquoise packet. Very fun.

I leave you with pictures of bounty.

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