Friday, August 31, 2007

I feel like a very clever monkey. There are many a thing that I should be worrying over and stressing about (which I am, to some extent). The thing which was making me nuts this week was a shelf, or rather the lack thereof.

My animation kids will each have a binder, in order to keep printed records of their work (similar to a time sheet or project timetable). I'm trying to include some record keeping as the "career" piece of career & tech ed of my dept.

So... I didn't have a shelf in my room, or really, any horizontal surfaces at all. I was freaking out about it, 'cause I don't have the $$ to just go buy a shelf, and ordering these things takes a while and I didn't want to just have lame boxes of binders on the floor. So, I asked around, and did some scouting, and eventually... I found four concrete blocks and some planks sitting outside someone's room. I now have a shelf. It's a ghetto-ass shelf along the lines of what you put together in college from the stuff you salvaged out of the sorority's dumpster. None the less, it is a shelf.

My district bossy-boss came in to see how I was doing yesterday. She laid her paperwork on the shelf and kinda leaned on it (can you see the trouble insuing?). It wobbled, straightened and wobbled again. She stepped back, looked at the "shelf," looked at me, and said, "How about I order your a couple nice bookcases?"

Woot! I get nice stuff, without being the newbie asking for nice things. AND I get to have something that functions as a shelf in the meantime.



K Schimmy said...

Sweet, new furniture!!! How is everything coming, are you ready?

thetravellor said...

Nice job! You are a clever monkey!Good luck on your first day.

Anonymous said...

Very clever girl you are! Sounds like you are ready!
Went up to IHS to deliver the Sax and teacher's were all having a salmon BBQ - ks was "cooking" or at least had a BBQ apron on! Looked like fun'