Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ok. I have survived my first, official day as a teacher! My yearbook class count went down to 16. My morning 3D class will be rad, and the afternoon 3D class will be..... busy. I'm a little worried about my yearbook class. They're all cheerleaders and girly-girls. It's gonna be like herding cats, cats who love to text message.


amy said...

ye gods....cheerleaders.

congrats on your first day!

Secret Squirrel said...

Cats do love to text message.
Cool, you survived the first day. You are an official veterian teacher.
I have been playing guidance counselor. Our schedule is CRAP. Too many kids not enough classes.

crashcourse said...

I've seen lines of 30 kids out the door of the counselors' offices for the last 2 days. Pretty exciting.

eskimo*friends said...

you know I'm proud of you for getting through your first week... but what I really want to know is - what's up with the cats in the snow? They're all bobcatty and adorable!!!