Friday, September 07, 2007

Ha! I have survived. The first week is accomplished. I feel ok about it. In fact, if I were to judge solely based on my 3D classes, I would feel fantastic. In celebration, here is a snippet of a writing assignment from one of the kids:

Creative Writing Prompt: Change the ending of a fairy tale.

"once upon a time there were 3 little pigs. the little pigs had mooched off of
their mom too long, so she kicked them out into the big cold scary world
without anybody to take care of them. luckily, they were all blackbelts and
created their own dojos out of bio-degradable materials. the first little pig
used marshmellow to make his dojo. the second little pig used styrofoam (the
bio-degradeable kind) to build his dojo. the third used tissue papaer. so one
day a wolf comes walkin along cos he is sooooo cool and then hes all like "ok,
for no reason im gonna attack and eat those pigs." so he completely ignores
the first and second pigs and goes after the third pig. and the wolf walks up
to the dojo and says "let me in coz im trained in the art of blackbelt killing
and ima gonna eat you!!" and then the pigs all like "NO!" but then the breeze
kicks up and blows his dojo away.then he hides in the second pigs house. (the
exact same thing happens to the styrofoam dojo) so then the wolf goes to the
1st dojo and eats it...."


kungfuramone said...

It's weird that high school kids can come up w/ crap like that even when they're NOT on drugs.

K Schimmy said...

"...cos he is sooooo cool and he's all like.." I would love to see this acted out.