Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Too hot, clanky. I spent the majority of the day in the little honda, which has no a/c. I was stuck in traffic several times* and man, did it suck. I did, however, manage to return a pile of stuff that had been sitting around waiting to be returned to their various locations of origin. I also picked up** and dropped off *** a whole pile of tools for tomorrow's anti-weed agenda. Yay, me!

Whilst returning things, I had a couple books to take back to Powell's Technical. I no longer had the receipt, 'cause I'm a loser that way. The guy was really cool about it and let me exchange for other books in the same price range, which is what I wanted to do anyhow. He coulda been a total prick about the whole thing (which, honestly, is really what I expected), but instead was really awesome. Thanks, hipster-powell's-tech-guy.

Also, I was returning some toy snakes to Kids@Heart on Hawthorne ("Why?!" you ask, "would you return toy snakes?" The answer is one of life's mysteries, my young friend. Deal w/ the mystery.) Strangely, one of the kiddos behind the counter had a name tag on that read "snakes" w/ red glitter pen. Whenever the cashier girl or myself mentioned the word snakes during the transaction, he would shrilly shout, "Snakes!" and go back to working on his paperwork.

*both downtown and freeway varieties.
**picked up from HOP
***dropped off at Scrap

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kungfuramone said...

Holy COW! You used the phrase "my young friend!" We MUST bring that back into vogue!