Sunday, September 23, 2007

So, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here... but, I feel like I might be getting in the swing of this teaching thing. I feel pretty in control of my lessons. I'm watching my yearbook deadlines. The animation kids are actually creating some pretty neat stuff. I noticed that this weekend, while I did have some homework to do, I managed to think of other things than school. It wasn't on my mind 24/7. I put together our Halloween invitation. I managed to do some stuff around the house. I discussed house stuff w/ thepants. I watched an interesting documentary on New York (from 1609 to post civil war, so far). I made a Goodwill run w/ nerdygirl, and we ate pie and watched some Monty Python.

We have a committment ceremony coming up for sodapop princess and her man on saturday, and a TMBG show on Thursday (which just happens to fall the night before an in-service day wherein I don't have to be to school until 10am! So late in the morning!). I feel like my life is expanding back out to non-school activities. That's good. I mean, I want to be a teacher, but I don't want that to describe the entirety of my life and experiences.

Speaking of late mornings, I'm also finally getting used to the early morning nonsense. I found that both days this weekend, I awoke thinking I had slept for far too long (but not really feeling guilty about it, as I am still a bit sick, and sleep is the best solution for me on that front.). I rolled over and looked at the clock... 8:45am! Ha! Very exciting.

I'll leave you with the example octopus I made for the kids. Hopefully I'll have some cute octopi to show off soon. Have a good week.

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