Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Alrighty. We had the halloween party. There were a goodly amount of people that came, most in costume. I was particularly amused by all the sea-themed costumed. The box of anchovies was clever, yet simple. The octopus was amazing and seemed incredibly time consuming. I give props to all the kids who put out the effort. Well done, mis amigos. There are pictures of said party here.

In other news, I wore monster hands and handed out sugar to teenagers today. There were more dressed up this year than last year, if I am recollecting properly. I had a fancy pirate man, a black butterfly, a goth/crow-inspired kid, jesus, a anime character (full metal alchemist, anyone?), a hugh-hefner styled satan, a witch and a mugger in my classes. I also saw a very funny batman. The kid had purchased a toddler costume and was wearing the mask and the cape and a regular teenager sized batman logo tshirt. very funny. My teacher-roomie wore an amazingly messy wig and some 60's-esque blue sunglasses.

I was very surprised that the super quiet, senior, jock boy wore a flamboyant pirate costume. I was also surprised by jesus. You just never expect jesus, and there he is, showing up to the party.

Now, for the wee kidlets. I plan on watching Sleepy Hollow (still one of my favorites, in spite of secret squirrell's terror of christopher walken.) and handing out candy w/ my monster hands. I'm hoping mrpants gets home soon to turn on the fog machine for our terrifying and watery front yard scene.

yay! halloween!

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K Schimmy said...

Walken + Baby in a shrimp costume = warm fuzzies all around!