Monday, November 05, 2007

Today is one of those days. I went to bed feeling cold and slightly icky last night. This morning I woke up tired, despite the 8 hours of sleep. I'm kinda sleep-walkin my way through the classes today, as a result. My three cups of black, black coffee have done nothing for me. I'm finding that all I want to do is curl up w/ a blanket and look at knitting website and/or knit. The chill is in the air, and it's knitting time for me.

This weekend I went down Division to Mabel's with the intention of picking up some additional yarn for a scarf I started months and months ago. To my surprise, Mabel's was no longer Mabel's, but instead a coffee shop named Tandem. Whoa! I'm not sure when that happened exactly, but I'm no longer able to get the yarn I needed to finish the scarf (so it has become a thick headband/earwarmer thingy). I headed over to the Yarn Garden instead, as they were the only yarn shop I knew of without leaving SE. I had previously sworn off the Yarn Garden because of a very snotty encounter I had during my first forays into the world of yarn. I'm still a little unsure of them, but a very nice woman did help me w/ a sock pattern on Sunday. So, I'll be starting some socks soon. I haven't yet attempted to make socks. It should be an adventure. First though, I need to finish my "Go EHS" Friday-spiritday scarf for school.

also, how cute is this?


K Schimmy said...

I may have to add the dragon scarf to my Christmas list.

Yarn Garden people have been snotty to me, too. A woman actually asked me, "do you know how to work with raw silk yarn?" in a way that made me think she deemed me unworthy. They have a great selection, and that's the only thing they have going for them.

hardcori said...

I used to work there, in the coffee shop part. Yes, some of their employees are very snotty, even to other emplyees. But some of the people there are really super nice. I'm sorry you guys didn't encounter the nice-ies.
I'm on a quest for a math knitting project, and I came across these! more cute!