Monday, February 04, 2008

Saturday, a few of us met at Sckavone's for some tasty breakfast (mm... pancakes w/ roasted apples), and then went over to the Bagdad for a showing of Big Trouble in Little China, starring everyone's favorite 80's star... Kurt Russell. The Bagdad was hosting SuperTrash: a multi-movie event of cult classics, plus a comic book show and poster art show. Seemed like a perfect mix to me; the best terrible movies plus beer! They started us off by showing the original previews that came with the movie, Tron and Heavy Metal. Awesome. We got about 20 minutes into the movie and the old film started to fail. The screen split and we got double vision happening. They stopped the projector and fussed around for a bit, then finally got it working again. There were some bozos in the front of the theatre who had been yelling the whole time.

When the film started running again, it rapidly became apparent that the sound was no longer working. We started the fight scene with no sound... but never fear! Portlanders are nothing if not inventive. The whole audience started supplying their own sound effects for the fight scene, "Pow! Crash, Bang! Bam! Batta batta batta!" It was fabulous. One guy did a great machine gun impression. We got through the whole fight scene with the audience providing kungfu screams, nunchuk bonks, gunfire and window crashes.

Eventually, they stopped the film version and plugged in the DVD player and projector. It reminded me of the Ghostbusters/Laurehurst Theater incident. Although, the audience didn't know all the lines, there was lots of appreciative laughter and applause for especially bad Kurt Russell lines.

I love Portland.

ps: No school today, but not weather related. Email me and I'll tell you why.

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