Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's official. I'm on summer break. Not that I won't be busy. I have a whole laundry list of items that need to be accomplished before August rolls around.

- complete a cpr course & turn in the paperwork
- get my type II driver's lic endorsement paperwork finished
- reserve a van for yearbook camp
- hassle kids until everyone has paid the office for their part
- hassle kids until everyone has taken my online survey (to determine EIC)
- take 3 courses from Bates Tech.College to complete my cte certification
- take a beginning drawing class w/ ninjette (for fun and research)
- take a color theory class (cancelled by pcc)
- see if I can take two more classes from South Seattle Comm.College for my cte certif.
- write syllibi
- adjust/fix/write all my rubrics
- rewrite/write new instructional materials for 3D projects
- set up a website for school
- make lesson plans for my Art Studio classes
- hunt down some supplies for my room (I need some rubber duckies of various sizes, and a large, sparkly crown, and a few other necessary items).
- grow tomatoes
- grow peas
- photograph all the flowers and veggies
- practice with and learn about our fancy yearbook camera more
- read my teacher bookgroup book ("A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink)
- clean everything (cleaned mostly everything)
- paint the kitchen table and chairs
- paint the hallway doors
- paint my bedroom furniture
- craiglist some items
- watch wall-e in the theater
- watch kung-fu panda in the theater

I think that's it.


ninjahq said...

When are we going for the wall-e/kungfu panda double feature???

K Schimmy said...

Thank you for posting your summer list... it inspired me to do mine. I must know... what is the sparkly crown for? The duckies?